Who is a Guru?

Wondered why all ancient vedic stories are filled with a very important role of a Guru teaching his disciples various skills required to lead the life? In the good olden days, a Guru was responsible to impart all the qualities to his students. The Guru was a God in the form of a human. All the knowledge that has reached us through the ancient Vedic tradition and culture is only due to the teachings of the Guru. A Guru was a teacher covering all aspects of our life including specialised teachings such as Vedic Astrology and various other subjects that modern scientists are still trying to find answers for. But this was during the previous Yugas (heard about the Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Kali Yuga?).

What is Astrology?
A Guru knows the meaning and purpose of life. He has attained the knowledge of the universe and the creator.

We are in Kali Yuga now and times have changed completely from the past yugas and so have people, the way of life, the meaning and the purpose of our life. It is impractical to learn or follow a single Guru in today's times. Hence, we must acknowledge the various Gurus that we come across during the course of our life. We all have Gurus in our lives at most point of our life. But how many of us realize, acknowledge, and pay respect to our Gurus is a big question.

What is Astrology?
Identify the various Gurus in our lives from our childhood till we age and leave this world!

It is proven that a baby experiences several things while still in the womb of the mother. This learning is from the first Guru, the mother. Thereafter, the father plays a role of the Guru, then comes the elders in the family, followed by the Kindergarten teacher of the child. After a long phase of teachers playing the part of the Guru, there comes a time when the boss or a manager at the first job becomes the Guru.

At this point of time if you look back at your life, you will realize that there are / were so many Gurus who played an important role in your life at some point of time.

How many of you have kept a count of your Gurus? Look back at your life and ask yourself:

  1. Who was my first Guru? What did the Guru teach me?
  2. Who was my most important Guru in life? What did I learn?
  3. Who is the Guru, I did not meet? Why is he my Guru?

Although we have several Gurus for various chapters in our life, we can be blessed by them all if only we are a good disciple for as long as they are our Guru.