The Purpose of Life

We are born on this planet with a specific purpose. The journey of life automatically takes us towards this specific purpose to help us complete the purpose of our life. Each individual person on this Earth gets a chance to choose the path to complete the purpose of life, some recognize, accept and achieve it, while some ignore, take the opposite path and move away from the real purpose of one's life.

What is the Purpose of our Life?
Each one of us dream of getting away from the ordinary, to the nature, to feel at peace, to feel pure, to seek happiness.

It is a commonly accepted fact that we must live the life in a way that is acceptable to not just us, and our family but also to the society that we live in and the law of the land. Our lifestyle changes substantially every time we move from one location to another, or when we move from one society to another. To some, this change of lifestyle comes naturally, to others it is a Herculean task to move out of their core beliefs of life as they have known it and followed for a long long time.

Here are the different views on the purpose of life according to different beliefs:

The Purpose of Life according to our Society:

As soon as a child is born in any Indian society, all the people known to the parents of this child, collectively or individually have their own opinions, suggestions, and plans for the entire life of this child. Some are honest and sincere suggestions for the well being of the child and some are naturally pre-decided suggestions that are required to blend in among the society and live the commonly accepted lifestyle.

Most societies require everyone to compete at every stage of life, compete in education, games, job, finance, general knowledge, and even in matters related to entertainment. I am sure you must have experienced appreciation as well as criticism for liking or disliking a particular genre in movies / music or an actor / actress or even a particular movie. The purpose of life according to our society is all about competition at every stage right from birth till death. The ones who receive more appreciation than criticism have fulfilled the purpose of their life, according to the society.

What is the Purpose of our Life?
Winners get appreciation for a short time and then are burdened with more pressure for their next competition in life.

This is adding more stress to the mind and not everyone would have the energy required to take part, sustain, and win in such never ending series of competition. To add more, different people have different levels of opportunities to participate and hence some are bound to win more than the others. Yet, people do not realize and blindly move on to the next competition in the hope that they can perform better than the previous ones. People have been doing this for several years now and all their intelligence, common sense, energy, and passion are for this competition of life alone rather than reflect on their own self to see what they have lost during this entire process.

Have you not noticed how everybody is highly confident that they now know better and can do better than anyone else if they could go back to their past? These are the people who have made mistakes in their past and feel they now know the answers and can handle their present and future in a better way. It is important to understand that people are confident now, in their present, that they could have done better in their past. However, no matter how much they feel the same about the future, they would still be in the same boat. Again, they would be confident only about their past, not their present and not their future. It just proves that nobody is really ready for their future and even for their present if they follow the path that is common in this society and there is not a chance that we can achieve the purpose of life by taking this path.

Some questions to ponder over:

  1. Would the purpose of life be so tough and stressful to achieve?
  2. What happens to the winners and losers?
  3. Shouldn’t there be equal opportunity for all to fulfill the purpose of life?

The Purpose of Life according to our Religion:

Different religions have different approaches towards the purpose of life. Since this blog is primarily about the Vedic Astrology as per Hinduism, let us try to see the views from the perspective of Hindu religious practice.

What is the Purpose of our Life?
Religions are man made. Every religion is tweaked to suit the lifestyle of their followers and their geographic location.

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world but there were humans on this earth even before the birth of Hinduism, there were humans living life according to their learning without the presence of any religion. It was known as the way of life or Sanatana Dharma. The birth of religion had different approaches and naturally corrupted several practices followed earlier.

Hinduism is larger and deeper than the oceans and it is commonly seen only from a very small perspective. A Hindu is taught to respect the creation as a whole and hence respects all the living and non-living things in the entire universe. There are various forms of a single God and then there are several Gods who are related to other Gods and each one has a unique power and quality to help us during the challenges we may face related to the particular quality of the God. There are ancient rituals and various forms of poojas and homa (havan) associated with each God. The main purpose of life according to Hinduism is to lead a simple and honest life with a lot of spiritual and religious practices as part of our daily routine. This leads us towards the path of finding God and to realize that this life is just an illusion and learning about the ultimate truth. While this concept itself is very complex for a common individual to understand on its own, it needs a lot of learning and practice to even understand what all of this means. Taking such a path after learning only a bit is even more complex and many people soon realize that it is not possible to achieve success easily and give up.

It is commonly accepted fact that no amount of regular spiritual and religious practice is sufficient in today’s times. Even an individual who leads such a life experiences several sadness, hardships, and challenges at various times in life. They are given suggestions to increase their spiritual and religious practices and to perform one or many special and specific poojas and homa (havan) to gain the blessings of the God to overcome the difficult period and to expect a miraculous change in their life. Almost all people follow a good number of suggestions but only a handful see the results. The ones who don’t see the results are told that they need to do more than they have done so far and the results will come. All of us know that we cannot follow dual practices, one that is linked to our society lifestyle and one, the religious lifestyle. The purpose of our life cannot be reached by this method, since there are too many distractions than help.

To achieve the purpose of life according to Hinduism, is practically impossible to most as it needs a lot of time and dedication and also to isolate the minds from the daily routine and modern distractions. There is no doubt that this entire concept of the purpose of life is defined by the newer generation of religious people and the real purpose of life according to Hindu religion has been lost over the years just like many ancient texts related to Hinduism which are destroyed and lost in all these years.

Some questions to ponder over:

  1. Would the purpose of life be impossible to achieve?
  2. Why doesn’t God help everyone who does poojas and homa (havan)?
  3. Why hasn’t God given each person the same health, finance, and knowledge?

The Purpose of Life according to Vedic Astrology:

Vedic Astrology has the most interesting and practical approach to helping everyone to identify and achieve the purpose of life. Vedic Astrology also shows that not everyone has the same purpose of life, each one has a different purpose of life and hence is born in different societies, different religions, and with different status linked to health, finance, and knowledge.

Each person is definitely capable to achieve their purpose of life and they are often made to face situations that actually help them to achieve the purpose of their life. However, how an individual identifies and acts is dependent solely on their self. When we consider the effects of the society and religious influence, there is a good chance that an average person can miss or even ignore the hints that can take them to reach the purpose of their life. This is where the ancient science and the greatness of Vedic Astrology, provided by our Super Humans (Great Rishis) comes to help. The Horoscope or the Birth Chart of a person shows the exact purpose of this birth. Every person is different and hence their purpose of life is different and moreover different phases of their life will give them different routes to reach their purpose.

What is the Purpose of our Life?
The stars and planets have their influence on our life. They never lie and will always help us take the right path.

Vedic Astrology says that there are four major directions for life known as Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The Horoscope (Kundali) show the path that the individual has to walk on to achieve the purpose of life. But to get there, no shortcuts are shown, a person will still have to overcome all that is lined up on the way, but with the help of an astrologer, the destiny can definitely be reached easier than other methods, before the end of life.

We have all seen several examples that show honest and innocent people that do not get what they wish or deserve but whereas there are lazy people and also fraudsters who always get more than what they wish or deserve. This simply proves that one of them is on the right path and is on the road to achieve the purpose of life. There is no good and bad when seen from a neutral perspective, similarly, everyone are destined to do what they are doing. Some are born to help others selflessly whereas some are born to cause harm to others in this life. No matter what may be your purpose in life, identify it and just give your best while walking that path, you will be a very satisfied person with a lot of pleasant memories in the end.