What is Astrology?

For as long as you can look back in history, humans have always looked upwards, to the sky, to find answers; answers about the creation of this vast universe, answers about the creator of us all. Some of those humans from the ancient times, several centuries ago, claimed to have decoded the answers to these mysteries. How many believed the claims and how much of what was claimed is true, is still a big mystery to many in the modern world.

What is Astrology?
The Man has always looked upwards at the Sky to find answers about the creation of this universe.

From the experiences and learnings of those humans from several centuries ago, it is evident that all the events on earth is correlated to the astronomical positions of all the celestial bodies of our solar system. This gave birth to Astrology, the science that links all the events in a person’s life with the positions of the sun, moon and planets of our solar system. If we can have a comparison between what we know today and when we look back in time, we can only say that humans had indeed decoded all answers and mysteries of the creation and creator of this universe. Yet we are still experimenting and trying to find answers that are suitable for us, the modern humans, to accept. There are various reasons to believe and disbelieve astrology, though the reasons to disbelieve is mainly due to the destruction of materials containing ancient texts and lack of knowledge transfer to the next-in-line younger generation.

What is Astrology?
The Rising Sign or Ascendant, the Moon Sign and the Sun Sign gives most of the answers about your personality and behaviour.

Whatever little about this science which links an individual’s life events with the position of various stars, planets, sun and moon is known to us, we call it Astrology and precisely, Vedic Astrology or Jyotish in Hinduism or the Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Duty).

Should we believe in Vedic Astrology?

The knowledge of this science, Vedic Astrology, was developed by super-humans or the Great Sages from the ancient times, long, long before the times of any documented historians from the west. This knowledge of astrology was acquired by the Great Sages after a long period of hard penance with a lot of patience, concentration, observation, interpretation and studying the sky. Needless to say that this is one of the first and the most successful inventions / discoveries for us, the humans till date. This knowledge was successfully passed onto the next in line disciple or lineage for several centuries. We all can imagine how this knowledge could have been partially destroyed and corrupted during all the invasions, battles and deliberate attempts to destroy all accessible things related to Hinduism in and around the land of India.

The fact that Vedic Astrology is so widely known and practiced, shows that all is not lost. We make use of what is available to decode and predict the major events of the future in a person’s life by correlating the positions of the sun, moon and planets from the earth. The science of astrology that we know today, is heavily accurate and relevant without a doubt. Definitely, Vedic Astrology is a subject which deserves not just our belief but also our respect and gratitude.

Why is the Horoscope Prediction often incorrect?

This is the most common and often the first question from a non-believer of astrology. By now, you can imagine how this knowledge was developed, used and later partially destroyed. We can come to a conclusion that this is a vast subject, as vast as the sky that is visible to us. You can now imagine the time and effort needed to become a master of this science. Are the present generation humans giving enough time or adding any effort to learn the subject? Not at all. If you can invite all the Vedic Astrologers to congregate, you would find one in a thousand to be a little better than the others. Mind it, he is just better than the others but still not the best. Yet all of them are practicing, according to them, Vedic Astrology and are predicting future events to hundreds and thousands of humans. Do we still need any justification on why many Horoscope Prediction is inaccurate? But the fact is, Vedic Astrology is not to be blamed, it is us the humans as a whole who have failed to safeguard the learnings, inventions and discoveries of the super-humans of our past. But all is not lost, there is so much knowledge and information available at this time which is sufficient to get answers to the major questions concerning our lives. It is now just a matter of how qualified is the individual who analyses your Horoscope and gives you a reading of your Natal Chart (Birth Chart, Kundli, Lagna Chart).

How can the future be predicted by a Horoscope?

To predict any major event in a person’s life, it begins with generating the person’s Horoscope or Birth Chart. This Horoscope is prepared using the exact date and time of birth and the position of the sun, moon and other planets as seen from the birth location at the time of birth. Our Horoscope is our book of life and it has answers to all the questions about us, our future, whether it may be a very small and vague or a highly important one. The Horoscope shows all the information that helps predict the future, some of the popularly looked information in the Horoscope or Birth Chart (Kundli) are:

  1. Position of the Sun, Moon, Planets and the nodes
  2. Sun Sign
  3. Moon Sign
  4. Star or Nakshatra
  5. Dasha, Bhukti and Antar Bhukti
  6. Lagna Chart
  7. Navamsa Chart

Astrology is like Magic in many ways. It is a window to our future and it helps us walk the path carefully so that we can consume all the goodness that life has to offer to the fullest and take necessary precautions during all those times when life puts us under various tests. Astrology doesn’t change our destiny, but it helps us by showing the Time Table of our life so that we all have a chance to be prepared and act accordingly. Astrology is experienced best when you learn the subject rather than just looking for an astrologer to predict your future.