Is Astrology Magic?

All of us have heard about Astrology and more so about Vedic Astrology from India. There must be very, very few people in India who wouldn’t have directly or indirectly come across an Astrologer and consulted with a Vedic Astrologer by will or otherwise. If you are a Hindu, born and brought up in India, chances are that you must have at some point got your Horoscope analyzed by an Astrologer. If you have not done so, there is a great chance that your parents would have consulted with an Astrologer and performed some astrological remedies on your behalf. In India alone there are thousands of astrological consultations and Horoscope readings happening every day. Of all the readings, majority of people breathe a sigh of relief after the Horoscope reading, while the remaining walk out, after the consultation, feeling even more confused and with a sense of fear, anger, and betrayal all put together since they would often be told that either their troubles are far from over or if they have performed any remedies to pacify the planets, all they did have gone to vain and they need to begin again this time in the method prescribed by the consulted Astrologer. Every one of these people would have one question on their mind, “does astrology really work?” They also feel the answer strongly within themselves, yes, astrology really works. But it’s not the end to their questions, now they’d like to know, “does astrology work for me?” Now this is a question for which the answer is always a big yes from every Astrologer but often turns out otherwise. There must be something wrong somewhere if astrological predictions and remedies are not working for a majority of people who go to an Astrologer with their problems in life for an Astrology Reading in the hope of turning their fate around.

See your future
Many people are living the future that was seen in the past. If you are not living such a life, see whats going wrong.

Is Astrology Magic? There is no single answer. It is yes and no depending on the person, situation and time. How amazing it would be to know beforehand that you will be growing professionally in the coming year and to see all of this happen as time passes. Isn’t this magic? Astrology is Magic for all the people who live the life that was predicted by an Astrologer before the event. For the others, it is not working for some strange reason. But why doesn’t it work for everyone? Have you ever heard, how you would be able to visit certain Hindu Temples only when there is a calling from the God / Goddess and without the calling, no matter how much you try, there will be some or the other obstacle that stops your visit to such a temple. This holds true for all things divine and for Astrology as well. If you look closely, you’ll see that people who are having a tough time are the ones who look for an Astrologer in the hope of some Astrology Magic that can change their present and future completely and be able to live the life of their dreams. The forces and energies of the universe are so strong, it doesn’t allow anybody to get somewhere or get something before time. If someone wants a solution to their problems before time, they would have to do a lot of good or pious deeds and some regular spiritual practice. If someone is not yet past their karma to find a solution to their problems, the universe will lead them to places and people that won’t be able to help them in any way, there can only be false assurances and it might even lead them to deeper troubles if that is what is destined.

If you already know what is Astrology, let’s try to figure out why Astrology doesn’t work for some people despite visiting several Astrologers from various places and performing most of the remedies. This can be summarized in the following categories:

  1. You believe Astrology only in theory and not in practice. This means, you go to an Astrologer, and would be satisfied with everything that you have heard, but when it comes to performing the remedies suggested and applying them practically, you somehow do not feel like it and won’t be able to either begin or complete as suggested. This is the most common of all reasons, as many as eight out of ten people wouldn’t perform the remedies as suggested. It is very important to perform all the remedies in the manner prescribed without any doubt or hesitation in the mind or heart. This naturally increases your belief over a period of time and intensifies your intention helping to fulfill your desires.
  2. You have not been able to express your concerns or explain your problems to the Astrologer accurately. This is again a very common reason why Astrology doesn’t seem to work the way it is supposed to. Talking to an Astrologer can be a very ambitious experience, many times it can make one forget the problems in hand and just want to know when things will be fine. The person wants to go into a dream world and ask about unreasonable lifestyle full of wealth, love, health, success, and happiness. Such a life simply doesn’t exist on this planet. Keep these dreams alive as a lovely dream, but talk to an Astrologer about the smaller details in your life, talk like how you would talk to a friend you’ve known for several years. This will help the Astrologer connect with you emotionally and to analyze your Horoscope and offer the perfect solution to your problems with a better advice than any counsellor.
  3. You do not want to get involved in a time-consuming process and want instant results at the blink of an eye. Well, if you think about your problems carefully, you’ll realize that it has taken so many years of your life, day in and day out, for the problems to arise and grow to the level where it is right now. Expecting it to go away at such speeds is completely unreasonable. With such expectations, you will only invite more problems in life because this mindset is a gateway to invite arrogance into your head. When arrogance begins to rule your actions and decisions, you’ll end up performing remedies for even longer time periods when you decide to seek help later on. There is a choice, start small now or burden yourself more and then come back for an even more time-consuming and complicated healing process.
  4. You have an inaccurate birth details and you are not even aware of this fact. Neither will the average Astrologer be aware about your incorrect birth details. No matter what you hear or what you do, this will take you far away from the solutions and pull you back into the problems until it is time. There can be no easy help here, the entire universe will conspire against you getting an easy solution and you’ll have to go through whatever is destined without any astrological help from anywhere. Only spirituality can guide you and get you out of your problems in this case.
Spiritual practice will reward you
Any effort towards spirituality will always pay you back in plenty. Plenty of goodness for honest effort and plenty of troubles for dishonest effort.

Anybody can experience the Magic in Astrology but you’ll have to be prepared before you can experience it. As you can see from above, these are the qualities that push you away from seeking divine help to ease your life. Just like how you are not allowed to take a ride on a roller coaster without necessary preparations and precautions like buckling up, it is logical that you’ll have to prepare before receiving guidance and help from the planetary energies. Some things in life cannot be challenged. If you see someone on the streets riding on a motorbike performing scary stunts, you know they are bound to fall sooner or later. This is a challenge and it is bound to fail. However, you see another person, probably a trained person from the sports or army performing scarier stunts at a display for the public, it just brings excitement and cheer. This act is no longer a challenge, it is performed with respect and humility after weeks and months of tireless practice. If there are problems in your life, there is a reason for it. It makes no sense to most to find the reason, but it definitely needs corrective steps on your part to come out of the problems. Take small and simple corrective steps that will help you develop respect and humility towards the divine energies and in turn will guide you to the person who would be able to offer a solution to get you out of your problems sooner than you think. It can be anything as simple as expressing your heartfelt thanks for the light that you see from the Sun and the Moon, the air that you breathe, the water that you drink and the food that you eat. Slow down a bit in this fast paced life, become humble, bow to the learned and the elders and try not to get affected by the everyday chaos, it’ll only increase anger, jealousy and frustration deep inside of you which is bound to burst out someday, all at once or daily, in parts. Start by becoming truthful to your own self, your conscience, do only those deeds that you don’t feel guilty or regret about. Have you ever craved for an Ice Cream or a Chocolate so bad that you couldn’t wait longer? How did you feel when you had it? Look back and think, the time spent enjoying and relishing was a fraction when compared to the total time you spent craving for it, dreaming and drooling for your tongue to touch it! Thus, doing good deeds will naturally demand a lot in quantity, the results are tiny. Be consistent and keep going, one day you’ll be able to see the Magic happen in your life. If this is too much for you to follow, start by waking up before sunrise and spend a good 10-15 minutes in the open during the sunrise to feel the freshness of the nature before it gets corrupted for the day. This practice will automatically lead you not only to a good Astrologer, but also to all things good in life very easily. Try and see for yourself.