Aura and the Untouchables in India

If you were born during the 80s or earlier in India, there is a good chance that you’ve heard a lot about untouchability as a practice in ancient India. But there is a great chance that many of you have heard things that are not accurate and is completely misleading with selective and incomplete information. We all have heard about a certain sect of our community taking the brunt of this practice and demanding they be given equal rights to be able to touch everyone and everything. There was a wide spread criticism to stop the practice of untouchability. Who are the real untouchables in India? The untouchables in India were the people responsible to retain the cultural heritage, traditions and ancient knowledge and teachings in India. Why are they not allowing themselves to be touched by one and all? Before knowing this, we must go back in history to understand why untouchability began in the first place. Let’s get back to understanding the purpose via some scientific occurrences and other examples.

Winter Fog is visible Aura
You are able to see the Fog only during certain times even though it is always present in different intensities.

Boil a water on a vessel, do you see the steam? Go to a very cold place during the winter months and speak, do you see the fog from your mouth? Similarly, pass by a Gaushala (Cow Shed), wouldn’t you smell cow dung? Buy some sweets from a shop, wouldn’t you smell the aroma of the sweets? What does all this tell us? There is some energy that is surrounding all things and is just looking for an opportunity to escape from the source and attach wherever it finds a place. The steam from the boiling water and the fog from your mouth finds a place in the air, while the smell of the cow dung and the aroma of the sweets finds a place in your nose too. If non-living objects are able to generate such amounts of energy that we can feel, just imagine how much energy a living being would be able to generate. Most of us are not yet aware and ready to recognise this.

Our Earth is shielded by the atmosphere and so does most of the planets in our Solar System, our ancient teachings explains more about it in Vedic Astrology, it is not easy for just any extra terrestrial object to sustain in this atmosphere. Some objects blend very well in this atmosphere while some others rapidly disintegrates and even vanishes without a trace at first contact with our atmosphere. You may call the atmosphere by any name and label it as being full of chemical gases of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen and others. But the fact remains, all of these are pure energy with power and characteristics of its own. Each planet has its own kind of energy, born out of the type of atmosphere it has developed and hence the qualities and characteristics of the planets. So, let’s look at what all this is showing us.

Our Earth's Atmosphere is an Aura
There are many invisible layers of atmosphere surrounding our Earth. This atmosphere is nothing but Aura, purely energy.

Every person, every object and every thing are covered with a layer similar to the atmosphere and it is known as an Aura. Aura is purely energy, ever changing with every contact with another Aura. If we pick up a stone from the ground, there is an exchange of Aura between the hands that picked it up and the stone which had the Aura of its own. Similarly, think of any thing practically and there is an Aura waiting to be attached to the object that comes in contact with it even for a fraction of a second. Our body has an Aura of its own, our shield, our atmosphere, this is our energy. This Aura or energy cannot be destroyed, crushed or killed. It can only be changed by mixing or contamination when it comes in contact with another Aura or energy. What has all this got to do with the Untouchables in India? Well, by now, I’m sure you are getting an idea on where this is taking us. All of us know that the Aura or the atmosphere of our Earth is capable to sustain life. Another planet in our Solar System doesn’t have such a powerful Aura like our Earth to sustain life. Similarly, each person has an Aura that is either good or bad depending on our beliefs, understanding and what we perceive as good or bad. During each interaction between two persons, there is an exchange of Aura that happens without most of us being aware about it also. So, it is natural when good mixes with bad, there is an exchange and the good must give up some part of itself and attract some portion of the bad Aura or the negative energy. How can this be prevented? It is fairly simple, practice untouchability. Becoming an untouchable is the best possible way to safeguard and retain the Aura or the energy that has been developed over a period by the actions performed.

Aura of a human being is powerful
Aura of a human being is powerful. This energy cannot be explained but can be experienced and seen with regular spiritual practice.

The dividers of the society have without wisdom or understanding, labeled this practice as being cruel and targeted certain section of people in the society. Many others also practiced this only to have a sense of authority and power without knowing the benefit it has to offer. If we look at it, there is no rocket science to be able to understand that a simple, honest, knowledgable and a pious person who is at peace needed to safeguard his Aura from not just the negative energies but also from all other Auras to prevent contamination too. This required him to avoid all kinds of physical contact from everybody else. Hence, he became an untouchable. Who was this person? Someone who practiced spirituality, was seeking the divine being, was truthful and honest at all times, was learning all the knowledge that was available. We called such a person a Brahmin. Mind you, I say that a Brahmin is the real untouchable in India and not any other person or caste, creed or community. Knowing all of this, if someone still desired to come in touchable contact with such a person, it was clear that there was only one of the two intentions, either to steal parts of his good Aura and positive energies or to contaminate him with the bad Aura or negative energies. Both of these are evil intentions and the Brahmin was better off being an untouchable, in the comfort of the Aura that he has earned and preserved with efforts and persistence. The Brahmin was very much aware of his own Aura and could also see the Aura of every other person. Untouchability was not only practiced with people of other caste or communities, but also with objects such as a tree, tap, water, mat, footwear and just about anything. It does not stop there, the person who practiced untouchability with others, often used to practice it within his house too and wouldn’t allow any other person from the family to touch him or his objects. This naturally increased the powers of his Aura and filled him with lots of positive energy that were put to good and productive uses.

The entire concept of untouchability originated due to this reason alone and you can see wide spread practice of untouchability even on this day all around us in our daily lives! Where is untouchability practiced today, you ask? Visit any of the Hindu Temple, you are not allowed to touch the idol of the Gods and Goddesses. You are not even allowed to go close enough either. The Gods and Goddesses are untouchables, not us. Same is with the rich and famous people in our society, the celebrities, industrialists, sportsmen, politicians, etc. They do not allow anybody to touch them randomly and for no genuine reason. They are at such a place because they have been able to isolate and retain most of their hard earned Aura that is giving them what they desire. When we have enough common sense to follow this practice blindly without questioning, why cannot we leave alone a pure and pious person to practice untouchability?

Meditation helps spirituality
Meditation is the first step towards the path of being able to see and feel your Aura. Practising untouchability helps speed up the process.

Have you ever observed, how a sudden change in your mood or even how you became very active or lazy after you met some person on such a day? It happened simply because you caught hold of a part of their Aura and energy. It is a proven fact that even a low earning peon working inside an office of a happy and positive person is always happy and positive. Whereas, even a rich person surrounded by evil or negative minded people is always full of anger, hatred and vengeful. It is happening due to the constant mixing of Auras. Anybody can practice untouchability to experience the benefits of our natural Aura, our energy. This is not meant for one person or sect, caste, creed or community. If you have the chance to not come in physical contact with anyone, try it for a few weeks and your mind will automatically show you the difference in your thoughts and actions. If you add some extra effort and continue this practice along with other spiritual practices regularly in the long run, it’ll free you completely and help you to achieve your dreams and goals sooner than you expect.