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Welcome to Astrology Magic, my blog on Vedic Astrology, Horoscope, Accurate Prediction, Spirituality, and Mythology. I am very excited to be sharing my thoughts, experiences, and knowledge in these subjects.

I come from a traditional South Indian family with a mild level of a conservative nature. Belief in Astrology, Spirituality, and Vedic Customs came naturally to me as part of the family tradition.

I have consulted with several astrologers over the years and all the horoscope readings I have witnessed when compared with the actual events has left me with one thought, the perspective of reading a horoscope needs a change from the normally available and practiced method. A lot of things are missing and not analyzed by the majority of astrologers and hence there are several predictions which are often incomplete, if not inaccurate. I believe that Jyotish Vidya is a powerful knowledge and when used rightly, it can help the mankind lead a happier life.

I strongly believe that the customs, traditions, culture available in Hinduism are connected to the Creator of this great universe. The deeper we study and understand, the wiser we become and can seek the answers to all the mysteries.

Astrology is a very interesting subject and is also the most ancient as well as technologically advanced science. The depth of this science is unknown and hence all astrologers are limited to their understanding. I do not do astrological readings commercially, I have a regular source of income from my primary profession. But I take this hobby quite seriously and I try to answer as many queries as humanly possible with my limited time. I do spend enough time analyzing each horoscope and give my readings via email only. However, I do ask for a small sum for the readings, this is mainly to keep this site active and running and even more to keep me inspired to continue writing more on the subject. I do not correspond over the phone or meet anyone personally. I do not make claims that my predictions or readings will be accurate and the reader has to exercise due caution and often common sense while interpreting any information provided by me.

I do not sell, trade or share to / with anybody, any contact details, personal details, horoscope details, or any other details received through this blog. All such details are used by me only to provide and share my knowledge and experiences and to communicate and answer your queries.

Finally, I would like my readers to know that I am not a professional or a good writer. I am neither an expert on English Grammar nor do I have a history in writing or maintaining an online blog. You would find my writing's very basic, but I do try my best to convey clearly whatever I mean precisely. I do hope that I get better with each of my blog post, I do leave my readers to judge me on this aspect. I appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have. You may sign up to my Astrology Newsletter to receive email updates when I post a new blog.

Lastly, all textual content in this blog are my personal experiences, my copyright, and my property. No part of my blog may be used, copied or sold in any manner for either personal, commercial, or promotional purposes. For using any part of this blog, please contact me, the author of Astrology Magic.

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